Choosing a mobile veterinarian for your pet's care has several advantages over the traditional veterinary hospital setting:

Advantages For the Patient

  • Quiet one-on-one personal attention
  • No exposure to strange pets
  • Less risk for contagious disease
  • No stress of travel
  • Ideal for geriatric or mobility impaired pets
  • Preferred for newborn or immune compromised patients
  • Sedation to the pet is rarely necessary
  • The mobile clinic provides a safe and sanitary environment
  • Advantages For the Client

  • Convenience
  • Time saving – eliminates driving time to and from a clinic
  • No pet hair or "accidents" in the car to clean up
  • All pets in the household can be examined in one visit
  • Closer, more personal, doctor-patient-client relationship
  • Less stress to the pet is less stress to the pet owner
  • Ideal for elderly or homebound pet owners
  • Enables families to experience compassionate in-home euthanasia, when indicated
  • What does it cost to have a veterinarian come to my home?

    There is a trip fee of $75 for clients within our service area, which includes much of Chester County and eastern Montgomery County. An additional fee applies for those outside our normal service area and this will be discussed when the appointment is requested.

    The pet examination fee is $40, with discounts given if the pet owner wants more than one pet to be seen on the same day.

    Prices for services such as vaccinations, laboratory testing, radiographs ("x-rays") and surgeries are comparable to stationary veterinary clinics. We will be happy to provide you a detailed estimate for all our services before coming to your home.

    Our pharmaceuticals, prescription diets and supplies are also competitively priced. What we do not have on board the truck can be ordered through our online store and delivered directly to your home, often with no charge for shipping and/or handling.

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